“David Brandon has been a top influence in my son’s life. His excellent guitar instruction has catapulted my son to a level of playing that has made him stand out among his peers. Even more importantly, he is a model for my son’s character. That is something no one can put a price tag on!”

- G. Eddins, mom

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Students are Talking

Here’s what students are saying about Brandon Guitar Studio:

The Best Guitar Instruction Anywhere‎

There is no better guitar instruction anywhere. We are amazed that the finest guitar instruction in the country is right here in Lubbock, TX. David Brandon has been a top influence in my son’s life. His excellent guitar instruction has catapulted my son to a level of playing that has made him stand out among his peers. Even more importantly, he is a model for my son’s character. That is something no one can put a price tag on! Drew Brandon and Jared Brandon have also provided excellent instruction, warm friendship, and positive encouragement. Sean Frankhouser has been an outstanding bass instructor to another son of mine, and not only is Sean an excellent teacher and performer, he is also a wonderful friend and encourager. My son loves him so much, what was to be a summer of bass lessons has now turned into over two years and counting! Overall, if you come to Brandon Guitar Studio, you will never regret it. It is a place of great teaching in a warm and caring atmosphere. I can’t recommend it highly enough. – G. Eddins, mom

Thank You David Brandon‎‎

Lubbock is lucky to have a virtuoso guitar player the caliber of David Brandon. He will share his talents with you and make you a great guitar player. He is always positive and encouraging and instills that same attitude in his students. This same helpful, constructive method shows through his sons and through the outstanding professional quality of the whole staff at BGS. Thanks David for taking guitar playing up many notches in the Lubbock area.‎ – R. Horne

i ♥ guitar!

‎‎I am 13 and have been taking lessons from David Brandon for a couple of years now and truly love it. David is not only a wonderful guitar player, he is a wonderful teacher as well. He is extremely patient and kind and is a great motivator. It has been amazing to have the opportunity to learn all styles of guitar. I would recommend Brandon Guitar Studio to anyone and everyone!! (: – Lauren‎

Jared Brandon is an Awesome Guitar Teacher!!‎‎

I just started lessons in the spring with Jared. I love it because he always makes you feel comfortable and assures you that you’re doing great. He always encourages me. He never lets me get down on myself. I love guitar because of Jared. He makes it fun and can relate to kids. He gets down to business but also knows how to have fun & make you laugh. He is awesome!!! He is the best teacher ever!! – Brynn, age 11‎

Lubbock Treasure‎‎

You can count the great guitar players of the world on one hand. Indisputably, David Brandon is on that list. A true Lubbock treasure, thank God he married a West Texas girl! The opportunity of lessons; playing for him, with him and experiencing his own performances is priceless. Thanks David. – R. Wolcott

True Excellence‎‎

David Brandon has given my daughter gifts that extend beyond learning to play guitar. His gentleness creates a loving environment and his playing is an inspiration. My daughter’s individuality as a musician has been nourished and fostered, which has helped her abilities mature and inspired her love for music and the guitar.‎ – M. Winders, mom

Glad David Turned Down Pepperdine University!‎‎

Lubbock is lucky to have David Brandon. Not only is David a gifted and extremely talented musician and mentor, he is a gentleman. I have been taking lesson from David for almost 20 years, and my son for 10. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. All of the instructors at BGS are great musicians, and are there for their students. It is obvious they enjoy teaching. Thanks David. – R. Rosen

World Class Instruction in Lubbock, TX‎‎

I play guitar (performance, recording, teaching) as my livelihood, and had the privilege of studying with David for 5 years, as well as being an associate instructor at BGS from 2001-2005. That period of time was so influential and instrumental in helping me achieve my goals that it’s hard to put into words. I speak from experience when I say that not all great instrumentalists make great teachers, and you don’t have to be particularly gifted as a player to be a great teacher. David is a true rarity – he’s a world class guitarist and artist with a true gift for teaching others. When I left Lubbock and began applying for teaching jobs in central Texas, I once heard the owner of a guitar school say, “Just think of this place as the McDonald’s of music schools. Get ’em in and get ’em out, hopefully keep ’em coming back.” I was revolted – this could not be farther from David’s philosophy. He truly cares about the quality of his instruction, and that his students get what they need. He’s patient, and has a real talent for helping to evolve a student’s existing strengths, while helping to identify what needs work. His staff is absolutely top notch, and the environment is relaxed and inviting. If you live in the area and want to play guitar, you can’t do better. You really can’t do better anywhere! – Keenan LeVick, Austin

Instruction Was Priceless‎‎

Hi, I am Donnie Lawler of Lawler Guitars. It has been an honor to study under and get to know David. I studied under David for about 4-1/2 years. In this time his instruction was priceless. He has a love for teaching that is unpassable whether for the beginner or for the professional guitarist. Thank you David for all you have done. – Donald Lawler‎, www.lawlerguitars.com

Boost of Confidence!‎‎

Brandon Guitar Studio has boosted my confidence as a musician and songwriter! My time spent learning correct technique and new styles of playing the guitar has opened up so many more options to me when I’m creating new songs! – Hannah Jackson, www.hannahjacksonmusic.com

Worth the Money Just to Listen to Him!‎‎

Masters of their craft can charge basically any price they want and people will pay to experience it. David Brandon, who is far and wide the most talented and versatile guitar player I’ve had the honor of meeting, not only gives you that experience once a week, he also TEACHES you! He truly cares for each and every student and gives exceptional lessons regardless of your current abilities. David Brandon is not only a phenomenal guitar player, he’s an incredible person as well. All around great man.‎ – Thomas

The Best, No Doubt in My Mind

I’m a senior in high school and take lessons from David Brandon himself, and I could not emphasize how thankful I am for his guidance. What differentiates him from most instructors is the ambition he gave me. When I first began, I really didn’t take guitar seriously. Now, I’m about to compete at the Texas UIL Solo and Ensemble for Classical Guitar, and I’m incredibly excited. Very few teachers can instill passion in their students, and for that I recommend him to anyone.‎ – Jarrod

Definitely the best around!

I’ve been taking lessons for about half a year now and in my 6 months there I’ve improved more than I did in my 6 years of teaching myself. They are always polite and a group of some of the best musicians in the country. Teaching is more important than money for them and they always work with me on payments and oftentimes my 30 min lessons go on for 90 minutes because the instructor enjoys teaching and everyone is having fun. I would recommend Brandon Studios. Definitely the best around! – Zachary

Great teacher

I take guitar lessons from Brandon. He was able to quickly tell what level I was at and begin giving me songs and exercises that were challenging and fun. He really knows his stuff. Great teacher. - Christian

Best Guitar Instructor in Town‎‎

Having the privilege to learn guitar under David Brandon has been a very beneficial learning experience. I wouldn’t think twice about another guitar teacher. I highly recommend him; he is by far the best instructor anywhere!‎ – Brenden

Truly Unique‎‎

This has been said on many previous reviews, but David Brandon (who is head honcho at the studio) is that rare combination of a phenomenal classic guitarist and an excellent teacher. Many classic guitar giants are difficult to learn from, but not David. I took from him privately for a year and a half and am now a student of his through Texas Tech University, and I consider myself extremely blessed for this opportunity. I have never taken from the other instructors, but they are always friendly when I am in the lobby, and their chops are not in question either. I might also add that Brandon Guitar Studio specializes in much more than classic guitar, and if it involves guitar, there is an instructor at BGS that can teach you!‎ – Connor

The Best in the US – Right Here In Lubbock‎‎

Brandon Guitar Studio has been a beacon of inspiration to myself and many of my friends for decades. I started taking lessons at the age of 13 and came from having no musical background or any musical family members. I have always been been my own worst critic in terms of my abilities but through the example of hard work and determination and the encouragement of David Brandon I’ve had the confidence to market my strengths and become a full time musician and to develop the drive to improve my weaknesses instead of letting them bring me down. Thank you Brandon Guitar Studio!‎ – Brett

Great Instruction‎‎

All of the teachers at David’s studio are very good instructors. I have taken lessons at the studio for 9 years with several different teachers including David Brandon. I have also studied with guitarists outside of lubbock and outside of the state. Brandon Guitar Studio is one of a kind!‎ – Jake

Top of the Line‎‎

This guitar studio is by far superior when it comes to studios in the Texas panhandle and New Mexico area. David has launched me from having no prior classical guitar instruction to playing professional pieces heard on classical guitar tours in a matter of 4 years. He has experience that is second to none and can guide his students to every style of guitar playing. His other instructors also make this guitar studio a gem. They have been playing for a very long time and have also been students of David Brandon. It doesn’t matter what level of guitar you are starting at when you sign up for lessons, or what you want to learn. You could go in there with no idea about styles and genres of music and learn a lot of great stuff at this studio.‎ – Jesse

World Class‎‎

I am a guitar student at Texas Tech University and have studied with David for the past year. He is a world class guitarist, teacher, and person! My playing and performing has grown leaps and bounds. I have had the opportunity to study with other great guitarists and he is most certainly at the top of that list. – Andrew

It really WAS easy to get good!‎‎

I started lessons when I was just 14, and just a few months David had me playing all my favorite songs! As time went on he introduced me to new artists and more challenging music. Now I can play the greatest guitar songs ever written, thanks to David. It’s been a joy to know and associate with such high quality people and learn what it means to take a skill to the highest possible level.‎ – Alex

Play what You want to play‎‎

David can teach any style of guitar playing, and has had just about any song I’ve ever wanted to play in tab and/or manuscript. He has helped me arrange songs that I wanted to play and then helped me be able to play them. I would recommend David to anyone who wants to play guitar in any style. – C. Manny

Fantastic Studio!!‎‎

I have studied guitar under David Brandon for several months and feel blessed to sit with such a prolific artist and virtuoso. I have made strides with the guitar that far surpass my imagination. All of the staff at the studio are highly skilled and encouraging. Thank you David!!!! – Brian

Simply the best!

In more than 10 years of lessons with David Brandon, I’ve discovered that he has a unique ability to tap into each student’s “invincible summer” within, helping each student be able to say with confidence, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” I’ve gone from playing spoon-fed blues at home to being able to jam alongside a 5-time Grammy-winning musician and some of the best guitarists in town at a local Sunday night open jam session.‎ – S. McMillan

Best Lessons Ever‎‎

I have taken lessons with David Brandon for 17 years. Thanks to him, I pick up the guitar and it is as natural as breathing. He provides such clear focus, and his comprehensive methods have made me competent in every style. Take with him, and you can play anything! The other instructors have shown themselves, in many conversations through the years, to be trained in the same methods and are also very skilled in bringing students to the place they want to be. This studio is a safe bet all the way around!‎ – Drew

Transcends the Boundaries

In my opinion, it is rarely that musicians find an instructor that transcends the boundaries of musical influence the way David Brandon has. David seems to able to bridge the gap between education, composition and personal style that few can master. Through the years, I have had many influential mentors that have shaped my playing, but David is the mentor that I recommend the most to all levels of guitarists. His dedication and passion for providing the tools necessary for an accomplished player stand alone. I thank you, David, for the incredible gifts and endless creative avenues that you have given me in my continued love for the guitar. God bless you in your life and in your continued work with all of us. – B. Holtzclaw

This Is The Place!‎

I’ve studied with David for several years. His teaching style is unpressured and student initiated. His technique, ear, and command of music are pretty much bullet-proof. Any style, technique, equipment, performance or recording issues – he can help or drag you through (your choice). His instructors are very similar in their teaching methods and are all highly skilled. It would be hard to imagine how one could improve the experience. If you want periodic raps on the knuckles in order to learn scales, perhaps some other studio might be for you (David can certainly teach you scales, though); however, if you want to learn to love guitar, this is the place!‎  - Thomas

Great Guitar Teacher‎‎

Mr. Brandon is a great guitar teacher. He is great about teaching me songs that I’ve heard and have asked to learn. It is very cool to have a nationally known guitar player for your teacher. – C. Guthrie, age 13‎

Definitely the Best

As a 5 year student of Brandon Guitar Studio, I can say that the instruction I’ve received there has truly been top-notch.‎ – N. Whitley, 18

We Are So Proud!

Our son has been taking guitar lessons at Brandon Guitar Studio for a year. We have seen his confidence sky rocket in many areas of his life because of his time at the studio. He has become more disciplined and determined to practice and master his art. He has even joined a praise band at church! We are so proud! – H. Jackson, mom

A Musical Oasis in the Heart of West Texas…‎‎

Studying guitar with David for the past 10 years has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. His vast expertise in various musical genres has helped me improve my skills and grow in my creativity as a musician. Brandon Guitar Studio is definitely a musical oasis in the heart of West Texas.‎ – K. Hind