“David Brandon has been a top influence in my son’s life. His excellent guitar instruction has catapulted my son to a level of playing that has made him stand out among his peers. Even more importantly, he is a model for my son’s character. That is something no one can put a price tag on!”

- G. Eddins, mom

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BGS Fast-Track System

Glad You Asked…Could you explain the BGS Fast-Track System? David responds:

The new BGS Fast-Track System is an overall teaching philosophy. It refines and puts a name to how I have taught guitar for over thirty years. The five system components are Great Music, Strategic Exercises, Practice Goals, Technique/Musicianship, and Theory/Improvisation. It is essentially what each of our instructors keep in mind as we teach guitar lessons, regardless of the level or style. In other words, we like to balance our lessons to include a variety of important elements.

Is is hard? By no means. In fact, most students don’t realize they are on the FTS. They only see the quick results and rapid progress in their playing.

Here is an example of how FTS works in a lesson. Let’s say we are teaching Eric Clapton’s Layla. Learning fun music promotes quick progress, whatever the style (Great Music). If we find the student is having difficulty with the first lick, we create a brief study of it to help master the move (Strategic Exercise). We suggest unique ways to practice the song during the week (Practice Goals). We might adjust a hand position, suggest an alternate fingering, or fine tune a strum pattern (Technique/Musicianship). We also examine the differences between the straight 8ths electric version with Derek and the Dominos and the swing 8ths Unplugged acoustic version. We explain how Clapton uses the octave principle to derive his lead lick from the rhythm riff. We even have the students jam over the Verse in C# minor and the Chorus in D minor, creating their own solo (Theory/Improvisation).

All of this happens very naturally as the student enjoys learning the song. Students not only have fun playing great music, but they come away with a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind the music as well. Once learned, all of the techniques can easily be applied to other songs for even quicker progress.

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