“David Brandon has been a top influence in my son’s life. His excellent guitar instruction has catapulted my son to a level of playing that has made him stand out among his peers. Even more importantly, he is a model for my son’s character. That is something no one can put a price tag on!”

- G. Eddins, mom

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Recording the Audio Samples

Glad You Asked…How did you record the audio samples found on the Teaching Program page? David responds:

I recorded those one Friday morning in August with the amazing help of my son, Jared. He set up Garage Band on his Mac, and I recorded through the Line 6 POD X3 Live. I used the Line 6 Variax guitar to achieve multiple guitar emulations. The Line 6 Variax/POD X3 Live combination is great for quick studio use without having to bring a lot of equipment to a session. It’s also fascinating to play with all the digital technology. I used a Strat emulation for the blues, Gibson hollow-body for the Jazz, Telecaster for the Country, Resonator for the Bluegrass, and Acoustics for the Folk and Praise/Worship (which also used a partial capo on the 2nd fret to emulate an altered tuning). I did use a real Petrucci Music Man guitar for the Rock, since it needed a whammy-bar. The Classical and Flamenco (more like Flamenco Nouveau) tracks were from my Legacy CD. The Electric Bass was recorded on our faithful standby Studio Fender bass. The samples were a lot of fun to sit down and record and represent only a small portion of the styles and techniques we teach. There is nothing like getting to play with guitar toys!

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