“Our son has been taking guitar lessons at Brandon Guitar Studio for a year. We have seen his confidence sky rocket in many areas of his life because of his time at the studio. He has even joined a praise band at church!”

– H. Jackson, mom

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BGS Teaching Program

The BGS teaching program is based on playing fun pieces of music from all styles. You may even request to learn music from your favorite artists! Our experienced instructors give direction and motivation, allowing the student to master the fundamentals of guitar technique and theory while enjoying playing great guitar music.

Guitar Styles







electric bass



praise and worship

Topics of Study

  • Music Reading
  • TAB
  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Musicianship
  • Arranging/Composing
  • Performance Skills
  • Lead and Rhythm
  • Speed Building
  • Improvisation
  • Strumming
  • Fingerpicking
  • Guitar Gear
  • Special Effects
  • and more!
Learn to rock on the guitar at Brandon Guitar Studio!

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BGS Fast-Track System™

The Brandon Guitar Studio Fast-Track System™, designed and structured by David Brandon, motivates students to achieve maximum results from their guitar lessons. Built on a solid foundation of guitar essentials, the core program promotes learning the guitar by the most enjoyable means possible.

  • Exciting pieces of music in a variety of styles
    While students choose their primary styles of music, we introduce new techniques and inspiration from a host of musical genres. Students play songs and great pieces of music by their favorite artists and are even encouraged to create music of their own.
  • Strategic exercises
    At times it is necessary to reinforce a concept or overcome a technical difficulty by practicing a specific exercise. These are brief, concentrated studies designed to get quick results.
  • Goal-oriented practice
    Practicing with concrete goals in mind is one of the keys to musical success. By focusing on specific elements of guitar playing, the student will achieve mastery of each topic as it occurs. Paralleling this approach, the student should still just have fun with the guitar – playing, jamming, and improvising.
  • Technique and musicianship
    We stress solid principles of technique which involve hand positions, picking techniques, and economy of motion. A strong knowledge of basic fundamentals promotes true musical expression.
  • Practical music theory and improvisation
    Understanding the reasons behind musical structure ties all the ideas together. It helps students to learn more quickly and even allows for individual creativity. We use a hands-on approach to music theory – directly applying concepts to the instrument. Students are quickly able to recognize scales, chords, and keys and can immediately use their knowledge for satisfying results.

The BGS Fast-Track System™ is a new enhancement to the successful teaching approach used by David Brandon for over thirty years. Brandon Guitar Studio continues to raise the bar for innovative and professional guitar instruction.